Voltage: 48V
Motor: 5KW brushless AC motor
Controller: Curtis
Battery: Trojan lead acid battery
Charger: onboard Delta Q charger
Max. speed: up to 40kmph/24.85mph
Range: up to 60km/37.28mi
Climbing ability: up to 20%
Overall dimension: 3500x1340x2100mm/137.8×52.8×82.7in
Min. Turning radius: < 4.5m/177.2in
With light system including headlight, turning light, brake lights, all lights with e-mark
Digital meter with all indicators
Steering column with lock
one-piece Organic glass windshield
4-wheel hydraulic brakes
22 x 11-10 tyre, 10×8 Steel wheel
Multiple color options
Flip down rear-facing seat
Optional rear truckbed available