Voltage: 48V
Motor: 3KW brushless AC motor
Controller: Curtis
Battery: Trojan lead acid battery
Charger: inboard Delta Q charger
Max. speed: up to 31.4kmph/19.5mph
Range: up to 90km/55.92mi
Climbing ability: up to 20%
Dimension (LxWxH): 2670x1180x1890mm/105.lx46.5×74.4in
Turning radius: <3.5m/137.8in
Stationary rear-facing seat
With light system including headlight, turning light, brake lights
Steel frame chassis with anti-rust treatment of phosphating, e-coating and powder coating
Suspension with shock absorber and leaf spring
Mechanical brake and regenerative brake
10×6 aluminum rim and 205/50-10 tire
Multiple color options