Standard Equipment: Right & Left side mirrors, Rearview mirror, Digital Speed Odometer, LED lighting system, Front Independent Suspension, DOT approved seat belts, DOT approved Windshield with a wiper, Horn, Turn signals, Head Lights (high/low beam), Rack-N-Pinion steering system, Hand Parking Brake, a Charging cord, See Specification for more details!!!


Model: HES -2
Power System: 72V
Motor: Brushless AC
Output Rating: 7 Kw
Controller: Zapi®
Charger: In-Board Delta Q®
Batteries: 6 – 12V Trojan® T1275
Transmission: Forward/Reverse Transaxle
Brake: 4 Wheel Hydraulic
Overal Length: 94.88 in/2410 mm
Overal Width: 46.46 in/1180 mm
Overal Height: 70.87 in/1800 mm
Wheel Base: 66.14 in/1680 mm
Ground Clearance: 4.72 in/120 mm
Dry Weight (With Batteries): 1250 lbs/567 kg
Frame: Aluminum
Turn Ratio:  9.84 ft/3 m
Maximum Speed: 25 MPH/40 km
Seating: 2 (4 with optional 3rd rear seat)